Burberry Outlet In East London

Address to shop:
29 Chatham Place, Hackney, London, E9 6LP 
Phonenumber: +44 20 8985 3344
Faxnumber: +44 20 8985 2636
Website: http://burberry.com
Nearest Underground Station: Bethnal Green

The Burberry Outlet store in East London is located in an very old factory building. Once you get inside, you'll see that it is very spacious, well laid and has amounts of quality designer fashions and accessories coming from the worldfamous Burberry brand.

Chatham Place is the home to Burberry’s Outlet factory shop in East London- From Burberry Outlet you can buy Burberry designer clothes and awesome accessories for wholy discounted prices of up 70% less than you would pay otherwise. The collection in Outlet includes Burberrys menswear, women’s wear and also Burberry for kids. The Burberry Outlet factory store has also many coats, including the icon status Burberry Mac. You can also find jackets, shoes, bags, ties, scarves, dresses, wallets and much much more.

So when in London, why don't you take a day to visit Burberry Outlet in East London and do what many Burberry fans to each year, start the designer clothes bargain hunt.

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